Limecity is a small San Diego and Stockholm-based Digital Design Boutique.  

We’re vector-obsessed color-freaks, and logic-looping webheads. 

We offer a complete suite of design services,
 some freshly-squeezed WordPress web design talent, 
and a genuine excitement for what we do.

And since what we do makes you look great, it works out well for everyone.


Our clients, as well as our friends and families, change the world, and we are proud to be a part of their work. We believe in honesty and goodness, and in the benefits of being glass-half-full kind of creatures.

Hard work.

We love working hard and learning new things. Curiosity about our clients, our industry, and the world-at-large drives our approach to design work.

Good fun.

Embracing our personal passions – passion for issues, passion for creativity, passion for new ideas and technologies, passion for a good laugh – provides endless inspiration and ensures that we have a good time as we work with and for you.


The particular point of view of each member of Limecity’s team, and of each client or partner, is equally valuable. We use our individuality and strengths to work with you to help you position your organization uniquely among its peers.


Our creativity benefits from combined expertise. A good idea is a good idea, whether it comes from our clients or from us. When we listen to and incorporate varied perspectives – and combine smart strategies with original and creative ideas — we achieve the best results for you.


Everything around us, down to the last detail, has a specific reason and purpose. We believe in creative and conscious simplicity, with attention to detail. That’s what makes our writing and our design work for you.


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