The way we work is simple: Discover, Think, Create.

It is an ongoing cycle that guides the entire process, from the very first time we connect until we arrive at the solution that best suits your needs. Working together requires a continuous exchange of ideas and information.

Design Process

It all begins with a conversation. We want to get to know you and your business as thoroughly as possible. The dialogue starts when we connect and continues throughout the project to make sure that we’re always right on track.

01: Connect
02: Learn
03: Define
04: Agree

Once we have a sense of what your business is all about and what you’re looking for from us, it’s our turn to do our part of the process. At this stage we take the ingredients into the kitchen, rattle our pots and pans, and figure out what’ll work for you. We roll up our sleeves and begin to develop a vision for the project.

05: Research
06: Sketch
07: Generate Ideas
08: Elaborate

This is when we bring the ideas to life, from sketches to design. We’ll present you with our creations, discuss how we chose those directions, and figure out how to move forward. Then the process begins anew until natural selection (or intelligent design, if that’s what you’re into) takes us, jointly, to your finished product.

09: Design
10: Discuss
11: Polish
12: Proof
13: Launch

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