Sofia, the mastermind behind Limecity, is just the person you need.
Creative design is not what she does, it is who she is.

It is rare to find both fresh, free-form creativity and 
the ability to complete projects on schedule in one person. Sofia brings both of these skill sets to everything that she does – and your projects benefit!

Sofia hails from Stockholm, Sweden and is a graduate in 
Graphic Design and Communication from Berghs School of Communication. 
She is proudly Swedish but also loves her current home: San Diego, California.

Sofia spent her childhood traveling, painting, climbing trees, and engaging in various projects in her father’s garage, mastering the electric table saw at an age when other kids were learning how to ride a bike. A tomboy at heart, she grew up playing ice hockey and soccer, establishing her long love for sports and teamwork.

Sofia has always nurtured her talent as she has explored a variety of design forms. The Swedish school system allowed her to begin focused study of art and design in high school. She then earned her degree in Graphic Design and Communication from Berghs School of Communication. For Sofia, life itself is an art form, and she brings her creativity and joy to everything that she does.


As a young adult, she found love and relocated to sunny California – where she has worked as a digital artist for more than a decade.

Sofia brings her color magic to people, projects, and businesses all across the world – often commuting between the California coast and her Swedish home turf. (The internet enables her to work in any location for clients around the corner or across the globe.)

When she is not attached to her trusty companion, the computer; Sofia rattles her pots and pans in the kitchen, indulging her culinary passion for sustainable and healthy cooking and baking.

Sofia is an artist, above all, but she is also a person of great common sense, patience, humor, and wit. She sparks her creativity and imagination by living well and by gleaning inspiration from culture, travel, love, music, art, technology, individuality, family, friends, and pride in craftsmanship.

You will enjoy working with Sofia. Her joy and creativity inspire others, and you, as her client, will benefit from the exceptional results.

Sofia Bergin
Digital Designer + Art Director
US: 619-961-9496 | SE: +46 (0)70 759-5714

“I hope to remain forever curious.”

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